Friday, March 27, 2009

when you're number two...

according to figures released today, south carolina has the second highest unemployment rate in the country, at eleven percent following michigan's twelve percent. with a little help from our governor, i'm confident that our proud state can overtake michigan and claim the first place prize, provided sanford sticks to his guns and doesn't use the federal stimulus money to actually create or sustain jobs.

i wish there was a way to get it across to the thick-headed multitudes that goverment spending is actually spending on jobs. every penny that governments spend goes to somebody's job. the spending that affects the fewest jobs is probably bond payment/debt retirement.

as an example of how government spending affects jobs, let's say the governor's office buys ten cases of paper. how many jobs play a part in getting those ten cases of paper to the governor's office? there would be the person who took the order for the paper and the person who delivered it, the driver that brought the paper from the warehouse to the jobber who sold it, the person who brought the paper from the factory to warehouse and the person who unloaded and loaded the trucks at the warehouse. of course, there are numerous workers at the paper manufacturing company, but drilling deeper there is the driver who brought the pulp wood to the paper mill, the loggers who cut the trees, and the workers who planted the trees that eventually grew to be harvested by the loggers.

granted, we are in a less than optimal situation, but with a state constitution that mandates a balanced budget, and shrinking tax collections due to the economic downturn, taking advantage of the federal stimulus money should be a no-brainer. too bad our governor is the scarecrow from the wizard of oz.

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