Tuesday, March 24, 2009

right wing whine-o's

i am more than a little tired of the constant negative whining coming from the spoiled children on the right wing side of the political spectrum. it would, perhaps, be tolerable if this were something new, but this bad behavior has been going on since at least the 70's, and, to tell you the truth, enough is enough.

it seems as if we, as a society, have lost of all sense of camaraderie and cooperation. let's take a little look back so i can show you what mean.

nixon was elected in 1968 after the democratic party's complete self-destruction, in an election that was only 'close' because george wallace syphoned off 9.9 million votes and 46 electoral votes in his quixotic quest. the 'righties' had regained the white house after 8 years out.

the 1972 election saw nixon employ a win at any cost strategy, which won him re-election in a landslide at the price of his reputation and legacy. after vice-president agnew resigned amid a corruption scandal, the inept nice guy, gerald ford was appointed vice-president months before nixon resigned from office to avoid impeachment and removal.

gerald ford, who would still be the most ill-equiped president in modern history were it not for george w. bush, lost a close election to jimmy carter in 1976 and the whining began in earnest. the strident negativist drumbeat of the right wing whiners provided the disco beat for the soundtrack of his presidency and lead to the thumping loss 1980.

with the election of ronald reagan in 1980, the whiners grew silent as the regulatory supports began to be chiseled away and the groundwork was laid for our current economic collapse. with reagan's re-election in 1984 and george h. w. bush's election in 1988, the whiners were reinforced with a sense of entitlement thanks to the efforts of groups such as the moral majority and the christian coalition. the whiners were right and they had the right to direct the course of the country. if you disagree, too bad, the majority rules and does not care about anyone who is not on board with their narrow agenda.

this attitude was more than apparent after bill clinton won the presidency in 1992. no sooner had clinton's shadow darkened the white house door than the efforts to undermine his presidency began. the whiner's were able to retake the congress in 1994 and keep clinton running the scandal circuit for most of his presidency.

enter george w. in 2000, with his pledge to restore honor and decency to the white house after using his father's supreme court to prevent a proper count of florida's ballots. the whiners were happy to turn their attention to the slim democratic margin in senate [though cheney would provide the tiebreaker]. once the whiners had control of the executive and legislative branches, they were able to complete control of the judiciary with the appointment of roberts and alito, so they targeted anyone who disagreed with the administration.

when the whiners lost congress in 2006, they targeted pelosi, byrd and clinton, the presumptive nominee for 2008. in a sense, the whiners helped obama win the nomination, and indirectly, the presidency. now that the democrats are in control all we hear from the right wing whine-o's is their desperate fear-mongering and criticism. no ideas, no leadership, nothing positive. it makes me tired.

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