Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Using the Google Cr-48

"I arrived home from work yesterday and found an unexpected package on my back porch. Given the time of year, I didn’t dare open the box, even though it was addressed to me. When my wife arrived home, she was as surprised by the package as I was. I opened it to find a Google Cr-48 netbook!
Although I had applied to test the netbook, I had not been notified that I was selected to participate in the testing. My initial excitement waned a bit, however, as I was initially unable to connect to the internet, rendering the netbook unusable. The good news is, the support team was able to help me correct the issue. (A firmware upgrade to my Linksys WRT110 router was required, and after applied all went well.)

I am using the netbook now, my second action using the appliance (the first, of course, was to email the technician who solved the problem.) So far, so good. More about this later."

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