Friday, July 3, 2009

guinea pig... [update 2]

the last couple of weeks have been up and down as far as fluency is concerned. i started bottle three of the study meds on a good day. as a matter of fact i had a couple of very good days to begin this phase of the study. i have had some 'bad' days though, and i suppose that is the real test of the effectiveness of the medication.

if i were to conjecture, i would say that the doseage did not increase with bottle three. i have had none of the tell tale side effects. i did have a few 'bad' days in the course of the last couple of weeks, however, the bad days on the 'medication' were no worse than the 'bad' days when i was using the speech-easy. i am a little surprised that i haven't heard from my study coordinator in the just over a month. i thought i would be hearing from her again proir to my visit there next monday.

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