Friday, April 17, 2009

we or me

the faux news inspired tax day protests were an interesting phenomenon. i find it odd that apparently none of these people had a problem with the george w bush administration standing down as terrorists attacked, lying us into a war, torturing prisoners detained without charges at secret prisons around the globe, tripling the national debt, allowing the financial barons to bankrupt the country and then handing them a get out of debt free card courtesy of the american taxpayer... all this over an eight year period and nary a self-righteous peep. but, put a democrat in the whitehouse with a democratic congress and let them actually try to do something to get us out of the republican designed mess [which of course belongs to all us now] and suddenly we are all in danger of losing our freedom. get real.

one of the sore losers, who objected to being called out, made the following statement on another website: 'some of us believe in a flat tax, privatizing [sic] schools, eliminating the i.r.s., etc. some of us believe in the individual, not the government.' which i guess is the basic difference. the protesters are 'me first' people who are unhappy about having 'we first' people in control.

we could save billions in tax dollars nationally if we did away with public schools, which are available to all students regardless of race, economic status or disability, offer free transportation to and from school, and subsidised lunch [and breakfast] programs which offer each student nutritionally balanced meals at reduced or no cost if necessary. we could save tons of money if we only make education available to those who can afford it. besides, they're the only ones who will actually benefit from it anyway.

the flat tax... now there's an idea. let's shift the tax burden from those who have benefited most in our economy to those who struggle to get by from day to day and call that 'fair.' oh, i forgot, they'll get to keep all of their check. of course they'll need it. based on the tax calculator widget at, every family with an income of less than 100k will see a net tax increase. that's real fairness. let's have the poor pay more taxes. after all, there are more poor people than rich people.

it all comes down to what type of country we want for our children. a country that seeks to extend opportunities to all or only to those who can afford them. a country whose financial needs are met by those who have the most money or by those who have the least. do we really want our children to grow up wearing 'me first' blinders?

the most ironic sight on wednesday was that of a teabagger holding a picture of benjamin franklin's 'join or die' cartoon, which was drawn to encourage colonial [national] unity, at an event whose sole purpose was to divide our nation. for the love of god, mccain/palin lost the election by over 8.5 million votes, the biggest margin since mondale/ferraro's loss in 1984. accept it, teabaggers, the voters rejected your ideas by a resounding margin. your cry-baby antics will only set the stage for greater losses in the years to come. [on second thought, keep up the good work... we liberals love you.]

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